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Hey guys (-: I'm Caroline, I'm a nineteen year old sophomore in college. I am a big introvert and I love being creative, which is probably why blogging has become a hobby of mine. Blogging is very new to me, so we can go through this journey together. I've included ten facts about me so that you can get to know me a little better. Comment below a fact about yourself, or if we share some interests!

10 Facts About Me 

I am 5'8 and I refuse to wear heels because I feel insecure about being taller than guys lol :'(
I love dogs with a passion. At one point I owned five all at once, yes I'm crazy.
I love to travel, even though I have a huge fear of flying, I don't let it stop me.
My major is Human Development and Family Studies, and I want to be an elementary school counselor.
My favorite music is alternative/indy, but I could always jam to some 2000's throwbacks and 80's music with my mom.
I live in pajamas and fuzzy socks, comfort is key.
I have a little brother who is thirteen, he plays fortnite whenever and wherever he can.
My favorite TV shows are Game Of Thrones, Handmaids Tale, Stranger Things, and Friends. I am also a sucker for reality TV shows.
I am a very observant person, and I people watch all the time.
My Myers-Briggs personality is INFJ.


  1. Hi Caroline! I am also an introvert who loves to be creative and I am new to the blogging world as well! I love your blog and am excited to follow along :)

  2. Hiii! I'm a fellow dog & animal lover. My house is a circus. I'm an enfp I get older it's getting more of a 6w5 but oh well lol. I also love GOT, Handmaidens Tale & most of all FRIENDS.

    I'm also currently a high school principal. I hope your college career is going well. Blessings!


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