What's in my Purse

Monday, June 10, 2019

My purse is usually a bottomless pit of coins, receipts, and gum. However, I just recently cleaned out my purse and found out what my go to products were. Of course I keep sunglasses, especially in the summer, I just pull them out when I'm driving when the sun is blinding me. I'm addicted to gum, so you probably will never see me not chewing it, and I will always have gum if anyone needs it. I keep air-pods in case I want to go workout or go to the library and want to use them. A water bottle is very important to always have to keep you hydrated throughout the day. My lips get chapped so easily, so I have to have some chapstick in my purse at all times. Keeping a journal is also very important to me because I love to doodle and pass the time if i'm bored. Makeup remover wipes are included because if I get tired of wearing makeup or I want to go to the gym I can just pull one out. I have nail polish to retouch them if they get chipped. I keep a chocolate bar if i'm craving something sweet or want a snack. My hair gets tangled to easily so I have to keep a hair brush to keep my hair from being a rats nest. Lastly, I have lotion so my hands don't get dry and it also makes you smell really good.

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