Ways to Improve Mental Health

Monday, June 3, 2019

Mental health is SOO important. I have had my fair share of bad mental health days, weeks, and even months. I have suffered with anxiety for as long as I can remember, and it really can take an affect on my social life, school work, and sleep. It's so easy to have negative thoughts and emotions creep into your life and mind unexpectedly. The voice in your head is hard to escape but you have to remember you are stronger than you think. I have to remind myself almost everyday to not let my poor thoughts and feelings take over. When i'm feeling down, I try all of these things to help make myself feel better and more motivated. Most of the time it puts my mind at ease, but you have to remember, your mindset is the most important thing if you want to improve. You HAVE to stay positive, trying these things with a negative attitude will get you nowhere. So, think happy thoughts and keep smiling, I know you can beat this!

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  1. This blog is everything! Thank you for this positivity :)


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