Subscription Boxes For College Students

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A subscription box is a package of boxes sent right to your doorstep each month or sometimes week, it's basically like Christmas comes every month. If college is coming up for you, you are guaranteed stress and limited time, and a little bit of homesickness here and there. To help alleviate the harsh  effects of college, you might want to try subscribing to some boxes. Subscription boxes make life so much easier, especially if your a busy college student who has no time for anything. I know my first semester of college I forgot to eat lunch sometimes because they were no snacks in the dorm. A snack subscription box would have saved me so much time and stress of having to go to the store. I guarantee if you try some of these, It will save you time and money.  Here is a list of some suitable boxes for college students, or anyone honestly!

My Paper Box- Each month a new theme of stationary products is sent to you, personalized with the name of your choice. Personalized notebooks, journals, notepads, monthly calendars, cards, envelopes, & more. If you are out of your home town for college, you can write your friends and family with this these items. *Mini subscription- monthly*- $9.16

LOLA- You get a box of toxic-free organic cotton feminine products like pads, liners, or tampons, for that time of the month! This is the easiest way in my opinion, you don't have to go to the store or anything!! $10 a box.

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CampusCube- College care packages for girls contain, healthy, delicious snacks and fun, useful, personal care products! prices range but most are $30 and above. This is the perfect subscription for college, it gives you everything you need.

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Birch Box- You will receive high quality beauty samples based on your preferences! $10 a month. It's like Christmas comes once a month!
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Book of the Month Club- Get new releases, based on your preference of book genres. $9.99 a month for one book. If you are a bookworm, this is perfect for you!

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TheraBox- 1 research inspired therapeutic activity, & 6-8 self-care wellness goodies to reduce stress!  $30.99 a month. Self-care is really important In college, and each month this box will remind you to do so.

Say It with a Sock- You will get high-quality fun socks delivered right to your door. In college I was always losing socks and at one point basically all of them went missing, so I definitely recommend this. Plus, they are so adorable! $11.99 a month.

Sparkle Hustle Grow- Items include, a personal development or business focused book each month, access to incredible monthly business training, 4 to 6 items of chic of supplies and tech gadgets. This is perfect for girls in college who want to motivate themselves to work harder for their dreams. $41.20 a moth.

Vinyl Moon- Each box contains a mix of 10 up and coming musical artists pressed to beautiful, high quality colored vinyl. $23 a box. This is so unique and cool, and you can listen to these vinyls while studying.

Jackie's Chocolate- Discover new chocolates each month! You can share with your friends, people in your dorm, everyone will love you! Basically everyone in college is broke and just by giving someone a piece of chocolate can make their day. $17.95 a month!

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